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Legion U18 and U16 Selects

These teams represent the top-tier talent in San Diego High Schools.  To be selected, players swill need to attend one of the selection combines.  Players will be evaluated and the final decision on team selection will be made by the SD Legion Academy Director and Coaching Staff. 

Players are expected to attend supplemental trainings throughout their High School / Club seasons.  These trainings will not overlap with normally scheduled HS/Club trainings, nor will there be any scheduled competitions during those seasons.  The intent is to increase the rugby IQ and skills of these players, which will help their home teams as well as prepare them for post-season Select Side play. 

Additionally, players will receive Off-Field Skills Training (ex: financial management, public speaking skills, etc.).  These additional trainings are intended to help the young athletes learn skills that extend beyond the rugby field and prepare them for life.

Lastly, players will be required to complete a SCYR Referee Training Course which will help them understand the laws of the game from a different perspective to allow further understanding.  Players will be encouraged to referee the younger age grades at their home clubs or local areas.

The Legion U16 Selects would play domestically, as well as have an annual overseas tour.

The Legion U18 Selects will play for the MLR Academy Cup Championship, a two-weekend tournament in the summer.  

Making the U18 Legion Select Side and winning the MLR Academy Cup should be the goal of every High School rugby player.

Summer Sevens

A U18 and U16 Sevens side will be selected from the Select Side teams and will play primarily in the summer.  The only exception would be to have both teams enter the USA Sevens Invitation Tournament in April.   These teams will play a few selected tournaments in the summer that may include an overseas tournament.  The conclusion of the Sevens season is the conclusion of the Select Side year.


Usually held in September and early December, COVID has pushed the HS combines. Multiple U16 & U18 combines will be held and they will be open to ALL players. The combines will be skill based and the players will be evaluated by Legion-appointed coaches.  Both combines will be free of charge.

At the conclusion of the last combine, the Legion Academy coaches will select the Select Sides.