C.J. Hussman

C.J. is a dynamic leader currently serving as the Executive Director of Imagine Rugby, a prominent national nonprofit organization. Within this role, he holds oversight over multifaceted programming initiatives encompassing youth flag, community college, and academy segments within the expansive realm of rugby. Furthermore, C.J. extends his expertise to provide strategic small business consulting services to a diverse portfolio of San Diego enterprises, including the esteemed San Diego Legion and Trust Restaurant Group.

C.J. actively contributes as a valued board member for Topaz and Imaige, Inc., bringing a wealth of knowledge and insight to these organizations.

In his previous capacity, C.J. functioned as a Director at KPMG, specializing in the technology sector. Over the course of a distinguished 25-year career, he spearheaded large transformational endeavors, effectively harnessing Product and Project Management methodologies to drive innovation for Fortune 500 companies on a global scale.

C.J.'s distinctive professional background seamlessly marries a shrewd business acumen with an unwavering commitment to result-oriented execution, making him an invaluable asset to the worlds of rugby and youth sports.

Beyond his professional endeavors, C.J. is an ardent nature enthusiast, finding solace in hiking alongside his dog amidst the serene mountain landscapes, far removed from bustling city life. His passion for sports, both as a player and now primarily as a spectator, fuels his dedication to the nonprofit sector, as he aspires to shape a brighter future for the younger generation by channeling the essence of sports, competition, and pure enjoyment into flag rugby.

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