Legion Academy Spotlight-Jake Merklinger

This week's Legion Academy Spotlight goes to U18 Academy player Jake Merklinger. The  6'1"  and 260 lb rugby player is a local player from Carlsbad,CA. Jake has played rugby for 12 years, he played high school rugby at La Costa Canyon and club rugby with the Carlsbad Thunder, where he went on to win a National Championship in 2021. 

After a brilliant display of carrying numerous defenders along with the ball, and thrilling defense with multiple poaches and punishing tackles. Jake was Selected by the opposing team Towner's from Texas as Man of the Match when Legion Academy played The Woodlands at the Elite Athlete Training Center Chula Vista a few weeks ago.  

Jake has been selected by Academy Director Coach Jack Wiggins to begin training with the Elite Academy Player EAP squad comprising of U23 and U18 Academy Players that will train with the Senior Legion Coaches and Players. This is an honor only a select few Academy players have been offered and we could not be more proud of Jake. 

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